Case Studies


  • Sophisticated MRP & WM software to manage inventory and all elements of the supply chain
  • EDI integration capability with all OEM operating systems
  • National distribution capabilities using existing provider space or new leased space to meet cost/location needs
  • Powerful LTL discount rates based on 1995 tariffs
  • One point of contact for duration of relationship ensuring continuity and fast resolutions

Case Study:   As a Ford Authorized Distributor in the Midwest, Rev Logistics averages over 5 million in critical unit down replacement parts.  Once the order is received by Rev Logistics’s Inside Sales team, 98% of the time the part reaches the Dealership either the same or next day. When you combine the area the Rev Logistics distributes into along with other companies covering the rest of US, this distribution model is considered the most efficient OEM parts network in the industry.


  • Proven Inventory management systems guaranteeing accuracy, secured products, and maximized use of warehouse space through innovative FIFO techniques
  • Experienced and proven operational management hired specifically with skill sets that can execute on day one while successfully interacting with your OEM culture
  • Rev Logistics will provide you with a singular point of contact for the life of the relationship – Meaning no hand-off’s 
  • Facility development: meaning we will work with you to provide warehousing locations that will best fit the geographical, size, and cost requirements of your company

Case Study:  Rev Logistics sought out Hankook Tire USA, who was looking for their sixth and final PDC in the US   Rev Logistics used its innovative process to provide several bids that were the same but for facility options that varied in cost and size.  Once the location was decided, Rev Logistics provided its bid based on a simple mark-up based on the total amount of assets and human capital required to launch and operate this new facility.  By year’s end, Rev Logistics will be the most accurate and efficient of all six of Hankook Tires’ facilities.


  • Specializing in national and regional LTL freight shipments
  • Develops custom e-commerce scheduling & brokerage pages for specific freight classifications
  • Provide easy and prompt Bill of Lading document generation
  • Tariffs that are lower than most public freight brokerage

Case Study: Having heard complaints from automotive dealerships about the price and complexity to ship and receive automotive related parts using online freight brokers or local carriers, Rev Logistics responded by developing Freight Buddy.  Freight Buddy developed an online freight scheduling service that only asks questions specific to dealers shipping needs.  The result - simple, fast, and inexpensive freight scheduling for thousands of dealer shipments each year.

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